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GBE2 Electronic Pump Interface for Gilbarco Legacy™

Use the Gilbarco Legacy™ electronic pump with any console or card system designed for mechanical pumps!


With the growing number of electronic pumps on the used pump market, many commercial fueling sites are installing them. Electronic pumps have no moving parts in the display, which makes them last longer at high speed. The GBE2 interface was designed to allow the Legacy™ pumps and dispensers to be controlled as a mechanical pump, allowing operation with a wide range of  inexpensive consoles or card systems.



Legacy operates in stand-alone mode with price per gallon set manually
Each GBE2 module controls up to 2 hoses of the Legacy pump / dispenser
Legacy still controls pump motor / valves.
Totalizer is unaffected by GBE2
GBE2 has built-in pulser which will generate 10, or 100 pulses per gallon.
GBE2 supports Legacy’s electronic calibration feature for exact pulse output
Compatible with virtually any mechanical pump console or card system



Authorize Input
110VAC Nominal, 135VAC Max.
In-Use Output
110VAC Nominal, 135VAC Max.
Pulse Output Ratio
1, 10, or 100 Pulses per Gallon(DIP Switch Selectable)
Pulse Output Type
Contact closure output via. solid state device. Compatible with virtually any console or card system.
Case Size
3.3” x 3.3” x 1.25”
For more information and specifications, see the GBE2 installation instructions



GBE2 Electronic Interface for Gilbarco Legacy™



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GBE2 Information Page
GBE2 Installation Instructions